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 Asilla - Plug and Play Japan EXPO Winner

At the “Plug and play” summer/fall 2019 competition, Asilla was honored to win the EXPO Domestic Winner award in the mobility category with “Anolla - Action recognition” solution.
Press release: アジラ、Plug and Play Japan の Summer/Fall 2019 Batch にて Mobility 部門の EXPO Domestic Winner を受賞  

 AI-OCR JIJILLA®, Japanese text recognition solution with an astonishing accuracy of 95%

Asilla provides AI-OCR JIJILLA® - A Japanese text recognition solution with a high accuracy of 95% which comes with various versions such as on-premises, API and enterprise version.

 Human action recognition solution

We provide a human action recognition solution based on the AsillaPose human skeleton detection model with high accuracy and speed which is capable of deploying on multiple platforms including edge computing devices providing a safe,secured high quality of life and bringing business efficiency to the next level.
Press release: 『行動認識』に関する3つの特許取得のお知らせ 

 Behavioral anomaly detection solution - Anolla

We are currently developing an AI product that can detect anomalies in human behavior based on autonomous learning algorithms. The system can learn from previously recorded action data through surveillance cameras and be adapted to various environmental conditions in reality. The solution is currently registered for an international patent.
Press release: アジラ、違和感を検出する「アノラ」製品化に向けて、国内特許取得及び、国際特許出願のお知らせ 

 Asilla was selected as a member of the J-Startup program

J-startup - a program to promote growth, creativity and entrepreneurship which is hosted by the ministry of economy, trade and industry in Japan.
Press release: アジラ、経済産業省のスタートアップ支援策「J-Startup」に選定 

 Board members

Asilla - Daisuke Kimura

Daisuke Kimura
President, PMP
Worked at NTT Group, Gurunavi.
Starting a passion for PC-9801UV, N88-BASIC - gifts from parents. Practicing Sumo, Judo since childhood. Like reading, fly fishing, funny T-shirt.

Asilla - Hai

Nguyen Thanh Hai
Asilla Vietnam CEO
Graduated from Hanoi University of Science and Technology.
Over 15 years of experience working in IT industry. Having failed with the first startup in IT. Enjoy reading, cafe & tennis on the weekends.

Asilla Thai

Nguyen Viet Thai
Asilla Vietnam CTO
Graduated from University of Transport and Communications.
Over 15 years of experience in the IT industry, has been taken on the role of technical leader in many major and minor projects.

Asilla Hiep

Le Van Hiep
Asilla Vietnam COO
Graduated from Hanoi University of Science and Technology, HEDSPI program.
Many years of work experience in Japan as a Fullstack developer and a team leader. Able to talk about Buddhism with anyone anytime.


Asilla Inc.
1-4-2 Nakamachi, Machida, Tokyo, Japan

Business office

Inspired.Lab, 6th floor, Otemachi building, 1-1-1, Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan

R&D Center

Asilla Vietnam
7th floor, VietA Tower, 9 Duy Tan, Cau Giay, Hanoi, Vietnam

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 "Asian unicorn" dream

"Sao La" - a rare and precious animal discovered in Vietnam after 15 years missing - be considered "Asian unicorn". In order to protect the existence of the "Asian Unicorn", Asilla we deduct part of the annual profits contributed to Nature Conservation Fund WWF.

Detail: 『アジアのユニコーン』を救え!

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